Treatment For Acne Scars

treating acne scars

Options for Treating Acne Scars

Firstly, none of these treatments should be undertaken with qualified professional advice

Acne scars seem like a double punishment: first there had been the horrible zits and now you’ve their continuous reminder to put up with. The acne lesions on the skin ultimately heal, however the way the skin area recovers matters most simply because that tends to make the distinction among marks and smooth appearance. Mild acne rarely results in scarring. It really is with acne cysts and reddish inflamed acne with papules that much deeper skin troubles develop. The far more serious the acne type, the higher the threat of acne scars.

It really is regular for your skin to remain reddish colored or brownish soon after a pimple fades away. No therapy is required, and the pimple goes away within a brief while. The scarring risk gets greater with picking and compressing pimples. Within the majority of instances, acne scars just take 2 kinds:

-deep and narrow;
-depressed (also named rolling scars).

Acne scars really should not be handled until the acne issue is brought under control. Normally, new lesions on the skin can even further aggravate skin area well being as well as the treatment for acne scars would have been in vain then. If the acne is gone, and your skin has remained scarred, you need to see a dermatologist or specialist to have your situation examined. Then, you may see what your possibilities are with regards to treatment for the acne scars.

Peels or microdermabrasion

These are optimal solutions for slight acne scars. This sort of methods could be carried out right within the workplace and they’re less pricey compared to major remedies. With all the chemical peel, the specialist applies an active agent in the skin area to eliminate the superficial levels of this skin and therefore set off cells regeneration. The scars may turn out to be much less visible and may eventually heal. With microdermabrasion the top level skin layers are removed by sanding, using a specific device.


As part of this process, the superficial skin layers are frozen, and the specialist removes them having a sanding motion. The recovery requires longer for dermabrasion, as well as the patient requires to be very cautious with post-intervention care so that you can help the tissues get back to normal. After dermabrasion, your skin will be swollen, red and distressing.


Whilst dermabrasion resolves the trouble for medium and serious methods of acne scaring, microdermabrasion works for small lesions, skin area blemishes and acne marks. It just moves superficially deep in the skin levels.

Laser skin resurfacing or laser peel off

For a lot more serious acne scars, laserlight treatment can work much better. The topmost covering of skin area (which is the most broken by scarring) is removed with the laser, then the location near the scar is targeted to stimulate natural tissue regrowth. The dermis secrets collagen and grows new tissue that will then fill the marks naturally. The result is clean, sleek skin area.

Chemical peels for acne scar removal

By utilizing chemical agents, the medical professional removes the top layers of skin area, with the scars. This endorses cells regrowth. Based on the severity of the marks, the medical professional uses superficial, moderate or deep peels. Deeper chemical peeling isn’t a great option for dark skin due to the fact it might cause bleaching.

Collagen shots

Sometimes physicians insert material into depressed acne scars to raise them to the natural skin area level. The answer might not be permanent, as you might have to do regular trips to the physician’s workplace, however, this kind of remedies may possibly work great for a few people.

If you are taking this kind of decision you need to take professional qualified advise to make an informed choice.