Dispelling the Acne Myths

Myths About the Causes of Acne

There are many acne myths.

Eat too much chocolate or greasy foods and you will get spots…

But foods seem to have little effect on the development and course of acne in most people.

Other common acne myths

  • Acne is caused by a poor diet – So far, research hasn’t found any foods that cause acne. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is recommended because it’s good for your heart and your health in general.
  • Acne is caused by having dirty skin and poor hygiene – Most of the biological reactions that trigger acne occur beneath the skin, not on the surface, so the cleanliness of your skin has no effect on your acne. Washing your face more than twice a day could just aggravate your skin.
  • Squeezing blackheads, whiteheads and spots is the best way to get rid of acne – This could actually make symptoms worse and may leave you with scarring.
  • Sexual activity can influence acne – Having sex or masturbating won’t make acne any better or worse
  • Finally, stress does not cause acne – however having acne can cause stress!
  • How Should People With Acne Care for Their Skin

    So How Should You Care For Your Skin

    Clean Skin Gently

Gently wash your skin with a mild cleanser, once in the morning and once in the evening and after heavy exercise, scrubbing will not improve acne; in fact, it can make the problem worse. It is important that you thoroughly rinse your skin after washing it.

Avoid Picking or Squeezing

People who squeeze, pinch, or pick their blemishes risk developing scars or dark blotches. You should avoid rubbing and touching any skin lesions.

Shave Carefully

Nicking blemishes can be avoided by shaving lightly and only when necessary.

Avoid a Sunburn

Many of the medicines used to treat acne can make you more prone to sunburn, and there are known risks of excessive sun exposure.

Choose Cosmetics Carefully

If you suffer with Acne try to use oil free cosmetics, oily hair products may eventually spread over the forehead, causing blackheads. Products that are labeled as noncomedogenic (do not promote the formation of closed pores) should be used; however in some people, even these products may cause skin problems.