How Exercising With a Pet Can Help Motivate You

Getting motivated to exercise can be quite tricky.

Have you ever considered recruiting your pet to join you in your exercise program?  Pets can actually help you stay motivated and stick with an exercise regimen if you bring them along the next time you jog, walk or even use the treadmill.

A study showed that dog owners got more exercise than those who didn’t…

We all know that exercising isn’t exactly the most fun part of a diet program. Exercising can seem like work and it’s hard to get motivated enough to start. Even when you’re able to start, you find it difficult to stick to it.

Exercising with a friend or family member is helpful to you because it provides you with some company that will help distract you from your “quitter mindset.” Sometimes those friends aren’t available for you and you’re forced to exercise alone. This doesn’t have to be the case if you own a pet.

Not all pets will be open to spending their time exercising with you, but some are willing to spend time with you no matter what you’re doing.  Dogs are good companions for jogs and long walks.

They like to get out and see the world and smell the fresh air. They make good cohorts for your exercise plan because they’ll be excited about the pending exercise and you’ll feel obligated to engage no matter what!

A 2006 study showed that dog owners got more exercise than those who didn’t have a four-legged friend.  While you might think of it as a duty that you have as its owner, try to start thinking of Fido as your exercise buddy instead.

Try to map out a schedule for when you’ll walk the dog.  Having a set routine is beneficial for both you and your pet.  If you live in a climate that has its ups and downs with weather, try to take an indoor walk with your dog on the treadmill.

No, you don’t have to let him step up on your pricey equipment.  There are actually doggie treadmills built just for this purpose!  Let him walk or run alongside you on his treadmill while you get your workout in right beside him.

Exercising is definitely not on our list of fun things to do. Getting motivated to do them can be quite tricky. One way to get that motivation is by staying focused on your routine and not on how much work it seems to be or how unpleasant it is.  Pets can be the perfect answer to that. Companionship without negative feedback can go a long way in your exercise routines.


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